• Orchid with Prosecco


    Orchid with Prosecco

  • Munz milk chocolate in...


    Box with a milk chocolate

  • Bottle of red wine...


    Bottle of red wine decorated

  • congratulations to you


    The picture corresponds to the small size, the container may be different from the picture.

  • Flowery little message


    The image corresponds to the size small, Bouquet including vase and teddy bear in the three categories.

  • Bee-Family Swiss...


    Bee-Family honey has a high level of quality. It comes from Swiss beekeepers and has been tested in the laboratory. It is guaranteed without residues
    Variants and prices       
    CHF 36.80

  • beautiful surprise


    Plants stabilized in a beautiful box

  • Bright Surprise avec...


    Made in the hilly and mountainous region of Valpolicella, our Ripasso seduces with its structure and complexity. The young red wine acquires them during a second fermentation on Amarone marc. This excellent red wine is produced in Marano by the Armani family, which has more than 400 years of experience in viticulture. The Ripasso seduces with its intense red color and aroma. It is a perfect accompaniment to tasty starters, meats and mature cheeses.

    Vol. alcohol 14%.

    The container may vary from the picture.
    Variants and prices       
    Minimum CHF 77.90 / Standard CHF 99.90 / Premium CHF 117.90

  • Poetry with roses with...


    11% vol.

    The vase is not included in the price.
    Variants and prices       
    Minimum CHF 97.90 / Standard CHF 119.90 / Premium CHF 147.90

  • Bee-Family Honey Gift...


    The following types at 70 g each are included: sunflower honey, Swiss flower honey, Swiss forest honey, phacelia honey, linden honey, lavender honey.
    Variants and prices       
    CHF 46.80

  • Gottlieber Hüppen...


    The wafers are cooked, rolled and stuffed individually.

  • «Shanghai» flower box


    The perfect gift for all flower lovers. Our box is filled with fresh flowers and is suitable for those who love style and trend. The high quality box can then be used to store beautiful things.